Kenya To Experience Total Solar Eclipse on November 3rd 2013


On November 3rd 2013, Kenya is expected to experience a once in a lifetime total solar eclipse for a whole 15 seconds however, Nairobi and most parts of the country will have to settle for a partial eclipse.

The Kenya Wildlife Service yesterday launched the countdown to the spectacular astronomical event, expected to bring to Kenya thousands of astronomy enthusiasts.
The total phase of the solar eclipse will be very brief and will only be seen in Kenya for 15 seconds. The partial eclipse will start at 16:25, the total eclipse will then occur at 17:25 and the partial eclipse will then end at 18:27.

Earth astronomers say that Sibiloi National Park in Marsabit will offer the best view of the eclipse in the world, as it is only at the park where clear skies will occur. Satellite and surface measurements indicate that the weather prospect in northern Kenya is the best along the entire 2013 eclipse track.

This rare event will be used to showcase Northern Kenya as an additional tourist attraction. KWS is spending Sh 10 million in preparation for the event.

Here is a video illustrating the path of the solar eclipse on the 3rd of November 2013.